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Saturday, June 23, 2007

PT Alam Indomesin Utama as Project Control Engineer (Code: P)

PT Alam Indomesin Utama (AIU) was established since 2001 and opened a warehouse & workshop located in Muara Karang Industrial Estate, Jakarta. Recently become one of the best automotive & industrial engine importer in town, AIU was designed to deliver high quality used & brand new engine (diesel, gasoline & natural gas), generating set, and other kind of engine based products.

We also deal with many engine product based services, installation & extreme modification that required sophisticated engineered experienced. We serve many customers from automotive industries, mining contractor, mini power plant, military vehicle, and other industries that need engine and/or power generating set. Please check our website on:

We’re looking for a candidate for this position: Project Control Engineer (Code: P)
1. Major : Mechanical Engineering OR Industrial Engineering (S1 or D3 degree)
2. Min GPA : 2.5 (from max 4.0)
3. Have outstanding interest and outstanding activity in organization around their campus. Candidates with good organization activity is highly recommended.
4. Have a good communication skill
5. Agree to work in Jabotabek area

Please send your CV to :; including your mobile phone number and email address. We will contact the right candidates ASAP, and start to make a virtual interview by internet before making the final interview.

Best Regards,
Peto Syamsul A.
HRD Manager
PT Alam Indomesin Utama

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