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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Laptop for DPR member VS 1 laptop for 1 Child

Last day we heard that our DPR member will bought a new Laptop $2100.. wow do you know what I thought ?? will DPR change their job from minister to a designer or hacker who need high tech laptop which the price almost like ACER Ferrari .... Why do they think about their people who still poor, rice still too expensive for them.

Whether another country try to create 1 laptop $100 for 1 children....because they relied technology wil lead the world.... Don't U know in Malaysia now their farmers could use U will surprised that in farm they use laptop... what for? well they use the big library in the world ( internet), they could use for search what they need like , how to use pesticide, how to plow their farm...etc.. Indonesia ??? hhhm let me think... bad.. .... for use internet still expensive, slower ( lemots) unless at JOgyakarta internet still cheap and easy to get connected to internet (a lot of warnet)
Hidup Jogya !!!!

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